Registration management news


Participants with the registration confirmation email have the option to edit their participant information.

This will provide you with the possibility to:

  • Complement your participant package with add-ons and hike merchandise, as well as to modify your already bought add-ons;
  • Modify your personal information or the team name;
  • Transfer your registration to a different person, including modifying the participant information and to download the updated confirmation of registration PDF.


Following a successful payment, the confirmation of your registration email is sent to the email of the buyer, which is provided during the registration. The before-mentioned email contains the confirmation of registration PDF and a distinct link to the registration management area.

The buyer has the right to forward the full email or only the links to the registration management area to the participants registered under his email.Upon clicking the link, you will redirected to your personal registration management area. After clicking the button “Edit” you will be able to:

1. To edit your participant information (name, surname, date of birth, gender, e-mail, phone number, city, country of origin, team name).
After completing the desired modifications or in the case of wanting to go straight to the add-on area, click Save.

2. To compliment or alter your list of add-ons:

  • to purchase hike merchandise or the special Gjensidige personal hiker insurance package;
  • to modify the colour, size or quantity of the already bought merchandise;
  • to swap chosen add-ons for others.

After completing your changes, click Save. In the case of complementing your registration with new add-ons, click Continue and you will be redirected to the payment page. Following the modification of participant information or the add-ons list, do not forget to download your updated confirmation of registration PDF, as you will be required to show it when claiming your participant package and add-ons.

Additional information on how to use the registration system can be found in this guide, while answers to the any questions about the system can be found at the FAQ area.


The chosen route and the price type are non-changeable.